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About Us

HISTORY It all started when customers would walk into the shop and ask Frank to make them “their” burgers. This is how he first realised that he was onto something BIG. They wanted “what he made us last time”, which was usually a burger that wasn’t on the menu that consisted of his “special” sauce and flavour combinations. Only Frank could make them their “usual” burgers this way and that’s where it all began. As a self-taught cook, Frank began working with his parents in the family business from a young age and that’s where his passion for great quality burgers and real food was born. There is no doubt that all the years of working in the kitchen and behind the grill had its rewards, but the truth is, his greatest satisfaction was winning over his customers from the first bite. Never afraid of experimenting with different ingredients, sauces, meats and produce, Frank quickly discovered which combinations worked as proven recipes for success and had his customers coming back for more. His passion and desire to continue creating great tasting, exceptional quality burgers grew, and this is how BIG BUNZ was born. BIG BUNZ CONCEPT BIG BUNZ is real food. Real food because it’s prepared and made from scratch using fresh ingredients to give the best flavour and health benefits. It is essentially home-made, high quality, fast food. The beef patties are home-made, using our own authentic recipe, house-ground and made from 100% grass fed aged Angus beef, the chicken patties are 100% chicken breast fillet marinated with our own recipe. We make our own veggie patties, fillet our fish & have a large range of house made special sauces. You get the picture. The BIG BUNZ concept was developed so that everyone can have the opportunity to enjoy real food! GLUTEN-FREE We have Gluten-Free burger bunz and offer gluten-free options. Just ask us in-store and we will do our best to accommodate your gluten-free dietary requirements.

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